A Service App will soon be available online to download onto cell phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers for both Citizen Reports and News Media Professionals.    

Those Citizen Reporters that happen to be “on the scene” of a news worthy event may now record video media from their cell phones and upload the footage immediately to NEWSLINK.news.     News Media Professionals from television, radio and print media that have subscribed to the NEWSLINK.news services may view, select and edit the portions they want to use in their broadcast or report.  Those News Media Professionals pay for every second of video or sound footage they use.  Still images are also purchased by those in print media.  This allows the Citizen Reporter to be paid for every second of footage used from their submission….and for still images used in publication. 

Although this service is provided on a global basis, some news worthy footage will only be used locally….others regionally or even nationally.  The big “payday” for our Citizen Reporters is when their video footage is used globally!

If you would like to have our APP on your cell phone, simply fill out the form below and you will be contacted when it's ready.