Lee Shoblom

Director of Station Relations

Charles R. "Chuck" Daugherty

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn T. Rowe

Chief Technology Officer

Another highly respected broadcaster, Mr. Lee Shoblom has joined the Executive Staff of NCNworld.com.  Mr. Shoblom's extensive background in the broadcasting industry started as a Radio Personality in San Diego, California.  His career includes radio and television announcing, engineering, sales, management and ultimately owning and operating a half dozen AM/FM and TV stations in the southwest.

Lee was a Board Member of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).  He also was President of the Arizona Broadcasters Association (ABA), and was inducted into their Hall of Fame.

In addition to his many voice-over radio and television activities, Lee served on the program advisory board of AZ-TV, an Arizona state network and was involved with the communications director for the City of Prescott, Arizona.  His voice-over and documentary work is currently featured on Discovery, Travel Channel, History Channel and TLC.

 Television / Radio Broadcasting

Mr. Daugherty has an extensive and successful background in broadcasting and advertising, having owned and operated broadcasting stations and an ad agency serving major national, regional, and local clients, in addition to working for over 50 years in the radio and TV industry as an on-air national announcer for the ABC network, as well as a leading personality on local radio and TV stations in both Michigan and California.  Mr. Daugherty was also credited with several innovations in the broadcasting and advertising field including the concept that became the highly successful MTV Networks, as well other programming concepts such as the long running TV Show: "Let's Make A Deal".


His exploits have been noted in several books including his playing a major roll in helping Berry Gordy start Motown Records, discovering several recording stars, including the Beach Boys, and also is listed as a "Legend" in the Michigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  He also substituted for his friend, Dick Clark, on American Bandstand on ABC Television.  

Public Service

He has served as Chairman of several Cable Commissions for municipalities in Michigan, creating and supervising the building of complete TV station facilities.  He also was a founder and Past President of the Motor City Symphony Orchestra, which is currently enjoying its 43rd year.

A recent addition to the executive staff of NCNworld.com is Lynn Rowe.  Mr. Rowe is a very highly regarded expert in the broadcast and engineering technology field. His background and experience is vast, and he was highly recommended as one of the top consultants in the broadcasting industry.

Thus it was as a consultant we first approached Mr. Rowe, but after looking at the NCNworld.com project he was so impressed and excited about the future prospects for the new venture, he suggested "coming on board" full time as CTO to direct and coordinate the tech operations.

​A thirty eight (38) year veteran of the Broadcast & Telecommunications Industries, Lynn T. Rowe has been a lead consultant and key executive in a wide variety of ‘cutting edge,’ global scale News, Sports & Network Broadcasting, MVPD, Wireless and Internet channels, events, projects and start ups.  His personal accomplishments match or exceed the best CTO's in the broadcast world:

  • First conversion to satellite distribution by a US TV network (ABC)
  • First lease of international satellite capacity (ABC)
  • First sublease of international satellite capacity (ABC/NHK)
  • First on-air use of MPEG2 compression w/ ABC & AT&T
  • Development of first US network SNG program w/ GTE
  • First virtualization of TV Operations; (ABC)
  • Nightline from DC via DS3
  • 1992 National Convention Coverage - NYC & Houston
  • Co-founder of (Vyvx) first US nationwide Video Fiber Network
  • Management of World Cup USA 94 telecommunications facilities
  • First use of compression for distribution of a World Class sporting event; ESI; World Cup 1994 USA
  • Largest fiber and satellite hybrid network deployed for a World Class Sporting Event ESI; World Cup 1994 USA
  • Implementation of first digital video networks in Central Europe for Central European Media Enterprises (CME)
  • First use of store & forward and automated edge server technologies in Network Distribution (MTV U Networks; formerly College Television Network (CTN))
  • First design & deployment of web based TV ad insertion platform (MTV College Networks)
  • First development and implementation of a Patented, IP-Standards based TV production and multi-market, multi-tier channel distribution plant for Weather Plus
  • Development of IP-Standards based TV production and multi-market, multi-tier channel distribution technologies for use in World Class sporting events
  • Application of Patented Supercomputing Technologies (Intelitrac, Inc.)
  • Approaches to CG and broadcast operations
  • Development of Patent Pending Biometric System Architecture
  • Granted Patent; system & method for the provision of QOS over wireless systems for the distribution of streaming media
  • Development of Hyper Local TV filebased workflows, ecosystems and business models for New Vision Television
  • First HDTV upgrade of a Caribbean over the air Braodcaster (Cayman 27, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)